A design that explores family representation in digital photo displaysAn image of a woman holding up an art piece, obscuring the face of a man behindVIVIEN Digital Estate Planning: fiction for reflection on digital identity management

Design-led Inquiry for Interdisciplinary Projects

This site documents a programme of research supported by the Leverhulme Trust (ECF-2012-642) exploring how designers collaborate with interdisciplinary partners and stakeholders to conduct research in human-computer interaction.


This Leverhulme fellowship captures perspectives from designers on interdisciplinary research cultures investigating new technologies. It captures the design skills and practices that are valued for communication across diverse audiences.  It further builds case studies of 'research through design' practice, demonstrating how design expertise can contribute substantive, transferable research understandings of value to those with other expertise working in a range of domains (e.g in health, education, policy making).


News on current projects and publications can be found on the Blog page. A full bio and list of publications is here.