Here is a selection of research-through-design projects that reflect my longstanding interest in experiences of our designed worlds and their ethical dimensions.


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Automics is a souvenir service for theme parks that utilises visitors’ personal mobile devices to support the capture, sharing and annotation of digital photos as part of the visiting experience.

A novel feature of the prototype service is that it mixes user-generated content with the content generated by the in-park (e.g. on-ride photo) systems, to create bespoke souvenirs with added value.  

The Automics design was grounded in a field study of visitor experience at UK theme parks, and a working prototype was evaluated in a theme park with groups of visitors.  The evaluation of Automics delivered rich findings about cultural engagement through mobile photoware, with social, technical and economic implications for service innovation supported by pervasive computing.

This work was undertaken at Horizon Digital Economy Research in partnership with Merlin Entertainments and Picsolve.