Here is a selection of research-through-design projects that reflect my longstanding interest in experiences of our designed worlds and their ethical dimensions.

Charting the Digital Lifespan: A Picture Book

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For a number of years I have been exploring the use of sequential art for the communication of design research.  Most recently this has been captured in a picture book that communicates qualitative insights from the EPSRC CDL project on digital personhood.

The picture book delivers the interdisciplinary project insights in the form of fictional scenarios about individuals' experiences. The scenarios are populated with fictional characters that reflect the people we have met in our studies and their expressed understandings, hopes and fears about digital personhood in all its complexity.

These character-driven scenarios are intended to provide a rich, illustrative context for key project insights, informing strategic thinking amongst stakeholders from public, industry and government sectors on potential applications and transferrability.

We used this picture book as a resource for stimulating dialogue in impact activities with our project stakeholders. We have since evaluated its efficacy in communication, and describe our findings in a forthcoming paper at the Design Research Society (DRS) conference 2016.