Here is a selection of research-through-design projects that reflect my longstanding interest in experiences of our designed worlds and their ethical dimensions.

The Castaway

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I have a keen and longstanding interest in photography, printing, and visual communication design and therefore include in this portfolio an older piece of work that reflects this interest and how it has developed.

The Castaway (2000) is a Lambda Print triptych that depicts the flightless dodo, the most infamous of all extinct animals.  A pervasive symbol of the inept, the dodo's fate illustrates the power of human imagination to determine the survival and extinction of species and cultures, a phenomenon gains significance in an age of genetic technology. 

The piece plays with the possibilities of Photoshop as a medium that, especially at the turn of the 21st century when photography was still in its transition to digital, enables a play with people’s assumptions about a photo evidencing something real.  The use of digital photomontage is intended to connect with the mythology of the dodo; the extinction of the dodo predates the invention of photography, so, arguably, artists’ impressions have been persuasive in caricaturing its form and, in turn, shaping its legacy.

The Castaway was exhibited widely (2000 - 2002), received significant press attention (including Time Out Magazine, The Independent on Sunday, Art Review) and has led to recognition including through The Arts Council of England and Business Design Centre Artist of the Year Award 2001.